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Struggling to create music value? Avoid mistakes and use content and promotion to create value.

1. Stop releasing more music 

In order to create value for your current and future release you need stratagy. Strategy and value along with top notch music singles is how major artist build their value and nott just more music alone.

2. Not researching enough 
In many ways what you already  know and understand greatly affects the ability to make critical decisions about what makes sense for your brand and music. Having relevant influences in all aspects from the content you post to the way you represent your brand or music makes a difference. Pay attention to what your favorite artists do to raise awareness and build their value to you.
3. Not investing in long term assets
Which assets can you list about your music and brand? Does your current content reflect a high end release? What the music industry looks for is existing value. This isn’t just the way the music sounds. It’s about proving you are seperated from lower end competition who WON’T establish assets such as spotifytwitter, instagram, youtube and more.  In addition to music you need the materials like artwork and branding design that raise awareness while representing who you are and what you’re doing.
4. Not making social media a priority – Social media is more than a place to share your music links and shamelessly promote yourself. It’s better to focus on what followers respond to instead. Doing this while promoting your accounts to gain likes and followers raises a better awareness and connection with followers. It also helps with showing up higher in search results. Showing up in search results requires bigger amounts of views, plays and followers for content to become visible.
5. Not having a clear call to action
The most common mistake brands make is not having a clear enough call to action or having none at all. Without communicating a clear call to action followers will not know what you want them to do or how they’re supposed to do it. Always have a call to action and keep it simple to repeat what works as you grow insight about what followers respond to.
Always remember that the audience responds to what they see first and not the music alone. Create visual value with high end content strategy and get social media promo and more from
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