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Whether it’s breaking a new Youtube music video for a music artist or showcasing a brand or product, Youtube is the key to creating inbound traffic, leads and inquiries. Continue reading for highlights of the importance of Youtube SEO, Youtube music videos, Youtube channels and Youtube marketing strategy.

Music and business brands use the power of visual value like Youtube to create interests. Learn how to drive traffic using Youtube marketing strategy. 

What kinds of businesses can benefit from Youtube marketing? Youtube video marketing isn’t limited to just music artists or Youtubers influencer content- the truth is with optimization and marketing any business or product can add to perception and get found within search engine results. This is because Youtube as a platform is more than just a place to release a video. It’s a place to create visual proofing that showcases the benefit of what a business does and why it matters. Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits of having Youtube marketing:

-Better audience perception and understanding

-Provide critical details, info and links back to websites, sign up forms and buy now links

-Increases web authority and ranking

-Long term value for creating sales and business networking opportunities

-Direct to audience marketing

-Visual and social proofing

Why should every artist optimize a Youtube video or channel? 

Youtube plays a big role in search engine results which relates to traffic generation. Some of the most crucial aspects of how a video is found and seen equally creates authority and further visibility across Youtube and Google. Search engines like Youtube, Google, Yahoo and bing among others index Youtube content for number of views, likes, subscribers, Youtube video playlists and related videos in addition to critical info such as: Keywords, titles, video description, website backlinks etc.

Don’t release without post release marketing strategy-

Countless artists and businesses suffer from the same pitfalls when it comes to releasing a music video that goes nowhere and fails to add long term benefits to what they do. This is due to a lack of foundation and marketing strategy execution. Youtube videos being released without a strategic plan to get promotion will compete less than channels and videos that have promotion and strategy. With Youtube marketing and strategy a new Youtube music video can establish goals and hit milestones that will create value both on the back end Youtube channel authority as well as front end audience experience.

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