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As a brand you owe your future audience and business network contacts the best experience possible with strategy. Developing back end business strategy and social media value separates who you are and why what you do matters while increasing visibility and interests.
Ways establish value with small goals and tasks
  1. Wait to release music until you have strategy
  2. Get more followers, views plays, listeners etc. Audiences makes decisions based on stats and visual content they see. Both are an investment to your future audiences. It doesn’t matter how big your brand currently is, getting to the next higher number of followers will always bring more interest.
  3. Elevator pitch- Condense who you are and what you do for others to a 10-15 second explanation. Knowing why you matter and who you help helps others get the right idea and 
  4. Create copy and paste template replies to use for new dm and email inquiries, test them and follow up
  5. Monetize- Think of a way you can generate a realistic bit of income from what you know how to do
  6. Communicate what people should THINK – not what you hope they’ll do
  7. Stop asking for plays and followers and start showing them why in content and stats (Example: “Thanks for helping us reach 10k plays on Spotify!” + custom video artwork)
  8. Dm instagram: @social_medium 

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