Social Media Crash Course

If you’re struggling to understand how to make social media work for you consider hands on lessons from marketing experts. We guide you 1-on-1 via skype or phone to teach how to develop strategy to implement into your own marketing efforts.

What makes this course so amazing?

You’ll get hands on instuction from a brand consultant while they help you learn proven digital marketing strategies for your music brand.

1-on-1 sessions are pay as you go or discounted for complete courses. You’ll get extra time to help answer your questions and recap on the areas that matter most to you. You’ll also learn  how to use social media and content strategy to develop your brands value and create new targeted followers and opportunities.

Get instructed and learn the best practices to create a DIY social media campaign that works.

Dm @thesocialmedium or text (857) 250-5872 to start. 


What’s included with this Social Media course?

-Hands on learning with expert instruction

-Work at your pace

-Learn REAL and valuable ways to grow any brand online

-Flexible scheduling and payments (Pay per lesson or buy the full discounted course one time)

What’s covered with @TheSocialMedium Social Media Course?
 Lesson 1
> Social media best practices: how to create value for others and for
> yourself online What you’ll learn:
> -what is inbound digital marketing
> -who are you and what can you do for others?
> -who is your core audience
> -incentives
> -what are your features and benefits
> -Writing your FAQ
> -blog
> -email templates
> -customer affluence / user experience
> -What are my keywords and hashtags
> -What is SEO and digital presence
> -google indexing and Web 2.0 sites
> -what is CTR and bounce rate
> -Questions

Homework: Create an FAQ focused on your features and benefits

 Lesson 2
Focus: Creating content strategy
> What you’ll learn:
> -how to create and target your niche
> -how to create better call to actions
> -how to curate and create original content
> -80/20 rule
> what is a “content bank” -what is copywriting
> -how to create better visual design for free
> -how to format social content
> -how to create value from digital content
> -split testing
> click tracking
> What is targeted vs non-targeted traffic
> -what is social proofing
> -What is content strategy
> -questions

Homework: Use keywords and hashtags list and use them on your content and
in your bios

 Lesson 3
Focus: How to get the most from your efforts online
> -Good habits vs bad habits
> -social media promo automation
> -how to find your strongest social media page
> -establishing your first and secondary target audiences
> -digital PR value and when to use it
> -setup Gmail
> -how to read analytics reporting
> -Questions

Homework: Create original content that focuses on adding value to readers
with call to action offers and click thru tracking to test and improve
your CTR

 Lesson 4
> Focus: how to nurture relationships online
> what is a brand advocate What are your incentives
> Sharing Brand success and goals
> How to create referrals
> How to get reviews and testimonials
> Freebies and promo offers
> Questions

Homework: Use google to create a niche of social media pages to follow.
Curate their content to create your own with your call to action offer.

 Lesson 5
Focus: Representing your value
> -Social proofing and added promo how much do you need
> -What problems do you help people with
> -How to be the expert
> -How to create upsale offers
> -How to find your best selling offers
> -How to create incoming traffic to your content
> -Using offline and online strategy together
> -How to develop campaigns and admin your pages (spam)
> -Questions

Homework: Find 1 new way to include your offline efforts within your
online social strategy. Find 1 new way to include online strategy into
offline effort.

 Lesson 6
> -Create 1 week content strategy (3-5 posts formatted on desktop and posted
> w/ hashtags) -Use curated content for you page
> -Use original call to action posts
> -Recap and discuss final questions