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The key to effective social media is communication and value. Because In order to make followers take the action you want you have to make them aware of what you’re doing and how it benefits them. Knowing what to post or say about yourself comes from organization and preparation. Organizing the features and benefits of how exactly your brand benefits people allows you to build trust with fans and customers who need reassuring. Every niche from music artists brands, business owners and anyone on social media benefits from content strategy and strategic digital promotion.

Top 5 most important social media factors for indie artists: 1. One of the first things to do is to take the time and put effort into fully answering the questions “who are you?” and “what do you do for others?” These are the ideas that should be used to create your content topics, about us, bios, videos, and daily posts content. Having music to release isn’t enough to make people want to follow and become your fan. Taking the time to develop your digital strategy and to promote your content creates a stronger foundation to support your releases. It also helps communicate how and what you want followers to do.

2. Copy the pro’s Find other brands and pages to follow. Follow and emulate how they post and use their ideas to expand your own. Keep it simple and re-purpose the ideas you discover for your content and posts.  You can even seek help from paid social media promotion agencies that establish your digital presence for you and work with you to create more exposure.  (DM @thesocialmedium for free immediate consultation 24/7) 3. Be clear and simple about what you’re asking for. What are your call to actions? (Buy now, watch video, email sign up, etc) If people are not currently responding, lower your expectation and make what you want simpler. Keep testing simpler ideas until you find something that people will respond to and work from there.

4. Don’t stop. This is a major factor for new artists. Find something that works and make it better. Try multiple types of content and vary the times when you’re posting. Try different hashtags (DM @thesocialmedium to get custom hashtag lists)  Organize how you’re doing things to test and improve different ideas. Sometimes a consistent formula of content strategy can take months to develop, but can be worthwhile.

5. Write it down. This sounds simple but most people won’t do it. Good ideas that you see for content can be easily written down to reference later. Or save it in an email draft. Practice these habits daily and consider these factors when looking to benefit from your online presence.

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