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Stop releasing music that goes nowhere. Start strategizing instead. 


Get seen and show value

Looking for ways to gain more real plays, followers and listeners? Use promo strategy and distribution to increase value and traffic. Read to learn why you should use promotion strategy to boost your music.

Why do major artists use promotion?

Promotion and distribution to get seen and be seen as valuable are an investment to your followers. Using promotion increases awareness and audience perception.

Strategy is what creates the value your music has for others. Digital assets like your branding, followers and plays are what seperate you from the crowd of artists who won’t make the investments.  Making music to release is not enought to make people care. Whereas, having a foundation of music plays, likes, shares and followers will increase the reasons people will follow.


Why do you need promotion?

Promotion highly determines the amount of new followers you get more than the music alone. Promo strategy increase the popularity of your music and social media pages more than you can alone. This is why every artists needs to implement strategy like promotion and distribution to become sustainable.


Grow organic audiences



Promotion and distribution are the platform on which your music is supported and seen by people. Sharing music alone will not create more opportunities or fans. Because followers don’t associate the music with value unless it LOOKS valuable first.  Simply put, the music alone isn’t enough to make people care. Assuming you won’t need promo strategy is a mistake.

The majority of users online rely on other indicators like follower and plays numbers. more than they listen to the music, they will look at your presence and numbers to decide your value.





How to use promotion and distribution strategy

Successful indie and major artist both understand that strategy is how to create more fans and opportunities. Creating new reasons for people to see your value is how you get new audiences to care and current audiences more engaged.

Using the specific repetition of strategy that’s unique to you, affordable agencies like give artists the promo services and consult they need to grow organically and for the long term.

Each artist grows at a different pace. Every artist and brand needs its own customized plan in order to reach goals and maximize their interests. Learning how to use strategy is the key to getting the most out of your efforts.


Why pay to promote your music

Hiring a promotion agency allows you an afforable hands off solution to creating traffic and value for your music. It gives you the ability to gain insight to apply to your music releases and frees up time for artists to focus on making music. Marketing agencies help artists increase plays, marketing strategy and help you with the technical aspects of getting your music project off the ground business wise with things like music publishing, music distribution deals, contracts, negotiation, music public relations, blog placements, social media verification and more.



Using a digital promotion agency to boost increases long term value through strategy. Professional competitive strategy creates more fans and opportunities through organization and cost effective methods.

How to start promotion for your music

Once you have had your free consultation we outline the realistsic goals that will add permanant value to your music. Here are some of the examples of how we use promo and distribution strategically to add more value to your music releases:



-Social media branding

Get custom high quality branded cover photo designs for your social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud. Creating consistent visual branding represents you as more major and high end to followers.







-Boost Spotify Track Plays and Monthly Listeners



Spotify is high end music distribution. Releasing your music officially to Spotify with promo increases real plays for your track. Increase artist page populaity with affordable promo from and get distribution strategy to grow awareness and popularity for Spotify artists.











Spotify Verification

Spotify is a high end music retailer that puts your music directly to listeners alongside similar major artists. Releasing your music on official verified Spotify artist pages, Itunes, Tidal and other high end platforms seperates you from other more low end music releases found on free platforms like Soundcloud.

-Promote your Instagram and Twitter to get real likes and retweets
Allow your posts to get seen and gain popularity with weekly or monthly discount likes and rt’s subscriptions. Pay one time to ensure that your posts will gain likes and continually grow authority in front of new audiences.

– Use a list of relevant list of hashtags

Get the hashtags that will gain traffic to your posts. Pair hashtags with Instagram and Twitter likes promo to get yours posts seen in the popular section. create social media and music promotion campaigns that are  customized to your specific needs and budget.

You can direct message promo experts 24/7 at or text (857) 250-5872 to develop campaigns for the promo you need custom to your goals and budget.

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