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How do local artists become major? What exactly does it take to get signed by a record label? Read and find out ways to break your brand further than its current audience.

If your friends or family make the majority of your audience you’re limiting yourself.  Whether you’re in sales wanting customers, looking for a job, or looking for a new opportunity the common factor is that you need the right audience and right value to apply to them.





Why Your Current Audience Probably Sucks

As an indie artist with limited insight you are most likely only appealing to a small percentage of people who are closest to you and what you do. Local based efforts can only help if they translate into NATIONAL level value.

How can you organize your efforts to be valuable to a brand new person somewhere else?  While  community is important and can provide opportunities ultimately you will need value to maximize them to reach new levels.



Levels of Music Success

Your local based community of fans is typically the lowest level on the range of music success. This is because you reach a smaller amount of people than better music could with more organization behind it. Achievements like record deals, getting signed etc. are elusive to only those who haven’t done the work or created a  process to reach that level or opportunity.

The truth is many indie artists grasp the concept of things like radio play or record deals, but even more completely lack basic knowledge of the facts behind music and more specifically, the business of music.

Indie artists like you reading this article create a more competitive and insightful edge over people who just make music.

How To Create More Opportunities

Your efforts are only as good as they are relevant to value.  This means unless what you’re doing creates what you want,  you didn’t do the right thing. Or even you did the right thing but not enough. While those around you might enjoy the experience of what your current efforts entail,  it holds little value to others who’ve yet to experience. This is why you have to communicate and demonstrate value.

What’s required for opportunities beyond your current audience is reaching the right audience and showing them the right value. Many indie artists grasp the concept of things like radio play or record deals, even more completely lack basic knowledge of the facts behind music and more specifically, the business of music.

The truth is that while many people are great at making music there are fewer who care about going the lengths to create value from it. Creating value is the same as adding value to others. Many artists only add value to a small limited number within their current audience (maybe from local gigs or online following) very quickly these brands stumble to find new fans and new ways to make them care. No matter how much your current fans love your music unless they also have the specific opportunities you want, they will not help you. The other noteworthy take away is the fact that you could NEVER reach enough people on your own.


Just like a real business distributing and selling a national level product requires the partnerships and strategy to do so. Using strategic promotions and communication you  create fans and opportunities online by learning the dynamics of what your brand can offer and be to followers. Without this you are 100% local with an audience that can’t push you past where you already are. It’s critical in most situations to have branding and active social media following.




Music as business

The biggest difference between indie artists and major isn’t just the record deals, fame or money it’s the ability to be established to accept and capitalize on opportunities as well as create them. In order to amount to something of value it requires investment including money, time, effort on top of making marketable music with strategy. You have to find your audience and give them something worthwhile to experience.



Just like any other product or business you sell your music as a product. Your brand represents who you are and tells people what they should think about the music more than the music itself can do.

Here are a few ways both indie and major artists monetize their music:

New ways artists make money:
-Spotify, Youtube Streaming Royalties
-Ad partnerships, Endorsement deals
-Songwriting, ghostwriting Co-writing, Features, Collaboration,
-Brand or company partnerships, endorsements, sponsorships,
-Instrumental track leases, publishing, music licensing
-Online gig or freelance work

Old ways artists make money:
-Performance ticket sales, Merchandise sales
-Publishing, music licensing
-Album sales

In conclusion the best way to make money or generate success from your brand is to invest in the things it needs to be represented as high value. Over time this adds more value for who you are and what you do. Focus on releasing better music and not MORE music. Give each release everything you have before moving onto the next and always remember the typical quality over quantity rule.

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