As a brand you owe your future audience and business network contacts the best experience possible with strategy. Developing back end business strategy and social media value separates who you are and why what you do matters while increasing visibility and interests.
Ways establish value with small goals and tasks
  1. Wait to release music until you have strategy
  2. Get more followers, views plays, listeners etc. Audiences makes decisions based on stats and visual content they see. Both are an investment to your future audiences. It doesn’t matter how big your brand currently is, getting to the next higher number of followers will always bring more interest.
  3. Elevator pitch- Condense who you are and what you do for others to a 10-15 second explanation. Knowing why you matter and who you help helps others get the right idea and 
  4. Create copy and paste template replies to use for new dm and email inquiries, test them and follow up
  5. Monetize- Think of a way you can generate a realistic bit of income from what you know how to do
  6. Communicate what people should THINK – not what you hope they’ll do
  7. Stop asking for plays and followers and start showing them why in content and stats (Example: “Thanks for helping us reach 10k plays on Spotify!” + custom video artwork)
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Beyond promotion

Promotion is a key factor towards adding value to music releases, but beyond that, strategy is what ultimately determines how effective promotions can be. With The Social Medium we offer free consult with each order to help you develop the best strategy plan for your goals, budget and music releases and the services you’re buying.

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Operate like a pro

Major artists understand the power of music business and don’t rely on music alone. Becoming industry relevant requires time and expertise. For many artist this takes years of developing both the sound as well back end business strategies. There good news is there’s no rush! Artists seeing long term sustainbility are the same ones taking time to buil a sustainable process for their releases and fans. Buying the right promo to increase your followers, views and plays is a crucial part of establishing business strategies.

How to increase popularity for music releases

Popularity is determined by facts and proof. New audiences focus on reasons why they should follow or not. They don’t pay attention to music until something else has gotten their attention. You need to buy and create as many valuable pieces for your brand and then strategize them to share back to the audience. Padding the numbers with services from will give your Spotify, IG, Youtube and edge and value representation.

Why do music releases need value?

The value and appeal music has is more important than releasing music. This is why major artists invest time, money and effort in their content. Building a foundation of different web presence on social media and majo music platforms seperates t releases as higher value. In order to achieve ongoing results you need a dedicated strategy that works for your needs and budget and to stick with it for as long as it takes to level up.


What strategy should you use?

We suggest focusing all of your efforts into one single release at a time to maximize the value, numbers and awareness over time. In the perception of the audience 1k, 10k, or 100k are all different. How you prep what traffic sees determines how they respond or not. Building a foundation of value increases the reasons why audiences can see value beyond just the music itself. Slowly building a foundation and strategy will create better growth and organization behind the music.

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Are you an indie music artist struggling to take off? Learn how to avoid common mistakes that prevent indie artists from reaching full potential. Here are some common mistakes that indie artists make that will prevent your music career from getting further:

Approaching music as a hobby or as business

Success is built not found. If you’re waiting for someone to discover your music because it’s good, you’re wasting time. The fact is there’s endless amount of good music and artists that never become succesful. This is because artists that get opportunities are the same ones putting in the work to create value from their releases.

The #1 top mistake indie music artists make is not investing time, money and effort in what they have that represents the music. The music alone isn’t valuable because it’s only music.

Being established on social media and Spotify is how you further opportunities and followers experience.  It seperates you from local level people who do music as a hobby. For successful music releases you need business strategy and social media that acts as a brand with original content that communicates why you matter.

Releasing too much music 

Yes, you read correctly.  Releasing too much music too quickly devalues music releases. What major artists do is release one record at a time while building as much as possible for as long as it takes. Doing this creates momentum and cosistent awareness of time and not all at once the way indie artists try to create.

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How to buy music promotion

Not all promo is created equal. Learn how to develop strategy that works.

Investing in your brand is a key factor in creating value from what you do that others will recognize and respond to. Simply put, followers respond to what they see and not the music itself. In order to create more awareness you need to establish your brands social media pages with reasons why people will care.

Why pay for promo
Paying for promotion is how you grow your network and resources. Sharing music yourself and trying to build a brand without experience and proven strategy is less effective than building consistently over time.

Here are the best  ways to effectively build long term value with promotion:

Spotify campaigns
Spotify is a great place to establish a working portfolio for your releases. Spotify is high end music distribution that can put your music right next to other major artists. When paired with ongoing Spotify promo you can automatically increase plays, monthly listeners and popularity. Click here for more about Spotify promo. 

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Twitter and Instagram
Twitter and instagram promotions help artists automatically gain targeted traffic back to their pages. We setup your account to engage 24/7 with targeted users from hashtags. This creates traffic for your content and ultimately new fans and opportunities with the right strategy. Click here to order twitter or IG promo.

Why use The Social Medium promo services?
We have helped countless brands and artists reach their goals and gain opportunities from our promo strategy. We help artists at all levels and budgets to develop campaigns accordingly. We provide free consultation to answer questions.

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Artists often copy other artists. By doing this they also copy mistakes. Read this article to learn the top mistake artists make and how you can avoid them.

1.The Shotgun Approach

No Strategy Nearly 90% of music artist will operate from the wrong approach by releasing music daily, weekly, monthly etc with no strategy or plan to make the music valuable. Thinking your music alone is good enough to make you succesful is a mistake. Very few artists are fortunate enough with music alone to become “viral”

A much better approach is focusing all of your efforts into one single release at a time, developing solid strategy and continually gathering insight to apply over the long term. Releasing music without strategy decreases value for people.


2. Not posting enough

If you want to cut through with your brand posting once daily isn’t enough. Social media is a way to connect with followers. Sharing your updates, goals, interests, story, opinions, humor and inspiration iis the way to connect further with people. When and what you post plays a massive role in the connection you build with followers. This is how you collect emails, generate album sales and business opportunities. Your posts and the connection you can build expands further than just what the music can do alone.

Avoid the mistake of not posting enough with these tips:

-Don’t link automate your post to share all at once. This makes your profile looked rushed and inactive or not specific enought on social media platforms.

-Create content strategy by being creative with what you post.

-Take what you post seriously. Music business is competitive and high quality posts that are punctuated correctly make your brand look like it has authority.

3. No branding for the music

-You must reate a clear and consistent brand message. Who are you and why do other people care? Your brand tells followers  who you are and what you can do for them. By establishing your brand you legitimize what you do to people becuase it’s perceived as more valuable. Avoid making the rookie mistake by investing in your brand  with music promotion and strategy with your content.

-Always remember that visuals like short videos clips, gifs and other content have a 50% better click thru rate than text or images only.

4. Be more transparent

This is one of the biggest mistakes most indie artists make. They hide behind music posts so much that followers can’t discover the REAL YOU. Without a brand message and value adding by informing or helping others the music alone won’t be enough to generate interest. People see before they click. Showing them value is the key to getting fans and opportunities.

If you want to become a well-known brand you have to be transparent with the benefit you bring to the table for your followers. A few ways to communicate this value are

-Social media branding that matches across all platforms and posts
-Blog interviews and placements
-Shouting out and giving back to fans publicly
-Behind the scenes
-Updates and goals



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Countless indie artists struggle to find reliable and consistent methods to create new fans and opportunities. Read this article to discover proven strategies that WILL work to help you create more long term value from what you do.


One of the main problems indie artists have to overcome is defining exactly who they are and how exactly it benefits other people. While you might assume that your music and current content provides enough definition and value, your fans and potential followers do not have the same perception.

If you have any current following it’s the direct result of you adding or showing value in one or more ways whether you know it or not. Marketing strategy is the process of gathering insight to discover exact reasons why someone will or won’t perceive you as valuable. Strategy is what allows your the orginization to exapnd and duplicate what works and imrpove what doesn’t.

How to stand out in the crowd

Online followers are constantly bombarded with endless amounts of ads and posts. They can’t possibly remember each. Followers automatically focus on what they believe is valuable because they know it is or because it looks like it is. This makes VALUE the top reason they will follow you, click, listen, sign up or respond to your call to action.

Seeing your posts as valuable is the platform for creating traffic to the music and not just the music alone. Even if your end goal is music fans, at first it’s only about other people’s value or lack thereof. Simply put, If they don’t like what they see on the page first they most likely will never reach the music. Knowing how you benefit someone and pairing it with organization and creativity is how to consistently get more music followers and plays.

How to show people value

One way to understand how to get followers is to think about your biggest supporter that you know offline. This person maybe a family member, cousin, friend, old school mate, someone from work. Ask yourself did they know about YOU the person or YOU the artist who makes music first? Do they continue to support only because of your music quality or possibly for other reasons such personality, sense of humor, your opinions, beliefs, your reciprocated support for them? What are main reasons supporters currently care about your music?

Ultimately the answers need to be make sense for a brand new person. Local based artists typically never break out because they only gave value to a limited audience. While that audience agrees and supports music it’s not a scaleable way of re-creating more fans. Even if they do all believe the music or brand is good. The only way of cultivating mass amounts of new music fans is by re-distributing your value through high quality organized content strategy. This is in addition to having great music as music marketing strategy is what seperates music that is discovered from music that remains unknown.

Understanding the previous logic just explained is crucial as it’s the main difference between indie artists who self promote and EXPERT artists who not only entertain with talent AND serve specific communities with who they are and what they care about.

Being a favorite artists to someone means you are their authority and have trust and maintain the reasons they can like you. What major artists do is give as many reasons for people to find value as possible thru music, opinions, branding, advertising, songwriting, collaboration, social content, videos etc…All of these assets are investment to who you can be to OTHER people. It’s what they need to separate your brand from all the others who won’t invest in their value and experience.

Here are the top 3 reasons audiences can find value in you

1. You look like an Expert at something
– Your profile numbers, number of rt and likes and what content and engagement you show suggests the look of an expert to people

2. Mutual Benefits
– They followed so that you might follow back or engage them and/or they believe they have something to gain from following you

3. Shock Value
-Shock value is a very common value added by plenty of new school rappers. Standing out by being outrageous, controversial and even hated is something that works to add value to get peoples attention


How to create value beyond music

The word “value” for developing artists can draw an image of money or worth. In terms of marketing strategy value means both worth and measurable amounts. Investing your value means investing in your potential fans in the ways your content can help them, entertain them, teach them, show them, share with them, incentivize them. At the same time it means providing them with reason to further their interests like high follower numbers, high quality artwork and videos and other creative content strtagy. Valuable content means value for the brand. In order for them to fully care about music or anything else you need their attention, trust and interests.

A few ways to immediately increase value to followers:

-Use only a few highest quality images
-Don’t change visuals or branding
-Choose digital assets that add value or wait to invest in them
-Seek the help of an expert you trust

Realizing your current value to people is the same as assessing how you help them, entertain them, teach them, show them, share with them, incentives etc.

If you need help in developing your strategy please visit for affordable music marketing or contact us by text (857) 250-5872 or get immediate consult via Twitter dm at

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The key to effective social media is communication and value. Because In order to make followers take the action you want you have to make them aware of what you’re doing and how it benefits them. Knowing what to post or say about yourself comes from organization and preparation. Organizing the features and benefits of how exactly your brand benefits people allows you to build trust with fans and customers who need reassuring. Every niche from music artists brands, business owners and anyone on social media benefits from content strategy and strategic digital promotion.

Top 5 most important social media factors for indie artists: 1. One of the first things to do is to take the time and put effort into fully answering the questions “who are you?” and “what do you do for others?” These are the ideas that should be used to create your content topics, about us, bios, videos, and daily posts content. Having music to release isn’t enough to make people want to follow and become your fan. Taking the time to develop your digital strategy and to promote your content creates a stronger foundation to support your releases. It also helps communicate how and what you want followers to do.

2. Copy the pro’s Find other brands and pages to follow. Follow and emulate how they post and use their ideas to expand your own. Keep it simple and re-purpose the ideas you discover for your content and posts.  You can even seek help from paid social media promotion agencies that establish your digital presence for you and work with you to create more exposure.  (DM @thesocialmedium for free immediate consultation 24/7) 3. Be clear and simple about what you’re asking for. What are your call to actions? (Buy now, watch video, email sign up, etc) If people are not currently responding, lower your expectation and make what you want simpler. Keep testing simpler ideas until you find something that people will respond to and work from there.

4. Don’t stop. This is a major factor for new artists. Find something that works and make it better. Try multiple types of content and vary the times when you’re posting. Try different hashtags (DM @thesocialmedium to get custom hashtag lists)  Organize how you’re doing things to test and improve different ideas. Sometimes a consistent formula of content strategy can take months to develop, but can be worthwhile.

5. Write it down. This sounds simple but most people won’t do it. Good ideas that you see for content can be easily written down to reference later. Or save it in an email draft. Practice these habits daily and consider these factors when looking to benefit from your online presence.

If you have questions about how to improve online presence DM @thesocialmedium on Twitter 24/7