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How to buy music promotion

Not all promo is created equal. Learn how to develop strategy that works.

Investing in your brand is a key factor in creating value from what you do that others will recognize and respond to. Simply put, followers respond to what they see and not the music itself. In order to create more awareness you need to establish your brands social media pages with reasons why people will care.

Why pay for promo
Paying for promotion is how you grow your network and resources. Sharing music yourself and trying to build a brand without experience and proven strategy is less effective than building consistently over time.

Here are the best  ways to effectively build long term value with promotion:

Spotify campaigns
Spotify is a great place to establish a working portfolio for your releases. Spotify is high end music distribution that can put your music right next to other major artists. When paired with ongoing Spotify promo you can automatically increase plays, monthly listeners and popularity. Click here for more about Spotify promo. 

Youtube videos are a huge part of what people will see and find about you online. With Youtube promo packages from The Social Medium you can easily boost your views and traffic to increase video visibility across Youtube and google. Click here to order Youtube promo.

Twitter and Instagram
Twitter and instagram promotions help artists automatically gain targeted traffic back to their pages. We setup your account to engage 24/7 with targeted users from hashtags. This creates traffic for your content and ultimately new fans and opportunities with the right strategy. Click here to order twitter or IG promo.

Why use The Social Medium promo services?
We have helped countless brands and artists reach their goals and gain opportunities from our promo strategy. We help artists at all levels and budgets to develop campaigns accordingly. We provide free consultation to answer questions.

So, if you’re tired of wasting time, money and effort on ineffective promotions dm or text The Social Medium (857) 250-5872 for immediate consultation on ways we can create long term value for your music.

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