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Learn how to use strategy to effectively buy and apply the promotions needed to boost music popularity.

Operate like a pro

Major artists understand the power of music business and don’t rely on music alone. Becoming industry relevant requires time and expertise. For many artist this takes years of developing both the sound as well back end business strategies. There good news is there’s no rush! Artists seeing long term sustainbility are the same ones taking time to buil a sustainable process for their releases and fans. Buying the right promo to increase your followers, views and plays is a crucial part of establishing business strategies.

How to increase popularity for music releases

Popularity is determined by facts and proof. New audiences focus on reasons why they should follow or not. They don’t pay attention to music until something else has gotten their attention. You need to buy and create as many valuable pieces for your brand and then strategize them to share back to the audience. Padding the numbers with services from will give your Spotify, IG, Youtube and edge and value representation.

Why do music releases need value?

The value and appeal music has is more important than releasing music. This is why major artists invest time, money and effort in their content. Building a foundation of different web presence on social media and majo music platforms seperates t releases as higher value. In order to achieve ongoing results you need a dedicated strategy that works for your needs and budget and to stick with it for as long as it takes to level up.


What strategy should you use?

We suggest focusing all of your efforts into one single release at a time to maximize the value, numbers and awareness over time. In the perception of the audience 1k, 10k, or 100k are all different. How you prep what traffic sees determines how they respond or not. Building a foundation of value increases the reasons why audiences can see value beyond just the music itself. Slowly building a foundation and strategy will create better growth and organization behind the music.

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